Residential Conveyancing

We are here to help you with the sale or purchase of your home.

We will liaise with you, the estate agent, your mortgage provider and all other parties involved in the conveyancing process to ensure that the matter is completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Our experienced conveyancing team have all the skills and attributes necessary to guide you through the entire process.

We ensure the process proceeds smoothly and on schedule.  You will receive the advice necessary to make the correct decisions moving forward.  Our aim is to satisfy your goal, whether it be the sale or purchase of your property.

The average fee for our conveyancing service is £795.00 plus VAT at 20% to which are added other expenses known as disbursements.  The conveyancing quote will vary according to the size of the transaction and any particular features of it.  The disbursements are the expenses which will be necessarily incurred on your behalf such as local searches, searches of the Land Registry, Stamp Duty fees etc.  These are fees set by others which you would be obliged to incur whoever carries out the transaction. The amount of the fees may also vary depending on the provider used. Search providers usually charge VAT at 20% on their fees.

The work will be carried out by Mr Kyle Fox Solicitor under the supervision of the partners. Work carried out by Mr Fox is chargeable at £185.00 per hour. All work is subject to VAT at 20%. The rate of VAT is subject to change by the government and the figure quoted is that which is currently applicable. Where possible we will provide a quote for the total estimated time.

The fee will include provision of contract documentation, investigation of title (when we refer to Title it means the investigation into the ownership of the seller of the property to transfer it to you without limitations on your subsequent ownership of it), responding to or making enquiries of or from the other party, drafting the transfer deed, exchanging contracts, requesting a mortgage advance, redeeming any mortgage, contacting a leasehold landlord and arranging the necessary transfers of funds prior to or after completion.

We will ensure that the fees you are charged are competitive and relate to the specific circumstances. If the matter becomes more complex than originally envisaged we may have to charge more than the original quote. We will let you know if this is the case before commencing further work.  Conveyancing matters may be more complex than originally envisaged for a number of reasons. One example could be if there are title issues (when we refer to Title it means the investigation into the ownership of the seller of the property to transfer it to you without limitations on your subsequent ownership of it) which we were originally unaware of. It may help if you supply as much information as possible regarding the property when you provide your initial instructions including the particulars of the description provided by the Estate Agent.  

The timescale for your transaction depends upon a number of factors such as whether you are purchasing with the aid of a mortgage and how many parties are in the conveyancing ‘chain’. The more parties there are in a chain the longer it is likely to take. If the search provider is obtaining information from the local council/ authority there can be times when the workload of the local authority is such that there will be delays in the provision of information to enable your transaction to progress. If you are purchasing a property with the aid of a mortgage or as part of your sale transaction you will be paying off a mortgage delays can be caused by Lenders being slow to supply instructions or confirm the availability of funds. Delays such as this are outside of our control.  If the solicitor acting for the other party is unable to deal with matters promptly this can also delay matters. However most conveyancing transactions complete within 3 – 4 months. We will endeavour at each stage to give you as clear an indication of the timescales as possible


The most common disbursements likely to be incurred (often on more than one occasion are as follows);

Official Copy of the Register


Official Copy Title Plan


Official Copy Lease


Search with priority


Bankruptcy search per name


Local Search


Drainage and Water Search


Coal Mining Search


Indemnity Insurance

£15.00 – £200.00

Land Registry Application fee

£10.00 – £200.00



For a full list of possible disbursements please contact Mr Fox to discuss your options. 

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