Lasting Powers of Attorney

There is an increasing demand for Lasting Powers of Attorney.  This enables a designated person to manage the affairs of an individual to help them through periods of impairment which affect their ability to act independently.

As people are living longer there is an increasing need to think about who you would like to manage your affairs if you reach a point where you are no longer able to do so.  This helps avoid a situation where the choice of the person who manages your affairs is somebody you wouldn’t choose.

We are here to provide you with the advice and assistance you require to prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney.  This can deal with your health and welfare.  It can also be in relation to your finances.

We are aware that many people who reach a position where they feel that they need a Lasting Power of Attorney will have reached a point where they are less physically able.

We can visit you to take your instructions at your home or place of your choosing.

If you decide to leave a decision about the creation of a Lasting Power of Attorney and you reach the point where you no longer have capacity an application has to be made to the Court of Protection.  This can be more complicated and more expensive than the grant of a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Our fee for preparation of a single Lasting Power of Attorney is £550.00 plus VAT along with the registration fee charged by the Office of the Public Guardian which will officially register the document.

If a client requires a Lasting Power of Attorney for financial affairs together with health and welfare our fee will be £750.00 plus VAT plus the two fees of the Office of the Public Guardian for registration of each of them (£82.00 each).

If we are required to visit your home our fees will be higher because of the time involved travelling to your home.

The work will be carried out by Mr Kyle Fox, Solicitor under the supervision of the partners.

Summary of Service:


  • Home visit.
  • Careful assessment of our client’s needs and intentions.
  • Drafting of the Lasting Power of Attorney to ensure the preferred individual is authorised to manage your affairs.
  • Completion of the Lasting Power of Attorney.
  • Registration with the Office of the Public Guardian to ensure the LPA is binding and effective.
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